Heart & Soul Animal Urgent Care provides same-day, scheduled drop-off visits for cats & dogs needing urgent care.


Please see our Services page for the scope of urgent care we are able to provide.

We can take a limited number of walk-ins each day and we’d recommend calling in advance to discuss availability.

Our community is experiencing incredibly high demand for veterinary care. In order to offer same-day care for your pets, we created a unique drop-off process.
Please read through the following information.

Step 1: Call Heart and Soul

Call to schedule a same-day arrival time & pre-pay for your exam to secure your booking (non-refundable deposit).

Step 2: Call again when you arrive

Call from the parking lot at your scheduled arrival time. Wait for triage. Estimated wait for triage: 30-90 minutes

Step 3: You can leave

  • After your pet is inside, you can head out but need to remain reachable by phone! Estimated time your pet is dropped off: 3-7 hours.
  • The doctor will call you to discuss a treatment plan for your pet and provide costs for your approval. You may then pay a deposit for approved treatments. We will also arrange a pick-up time.

Step 4: Come back

  • Arrive at your scheduled pick-up time & call from the parking lot. Pay your final balance and wait for discharge.
  • Estimated wait time for discharge: 30-60 minutes.  A technician will discharge your pet with home care instructions and any medications.

Expanded information:


Scheduling and Paying the Non-Refundable Deposit

Please call us to speak to a receptionist about booking. We will discuss your concerns regarding your pet, review our visit process, and schedule an arrival time for you. We collect our exam fee as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking your visit.

  • This deposit covers the full cost of your exam fee.
  • This fee is non-refundable once paid. If you cancel for any reason or do not show up to your scheduled arrival time, we will not reimburse your fee.
  • With such a high demand for veterinary care and our limited number of daily spaces, we want to ensure we are able to help as many pets as possible. This non-refundable deposit is required as a way to guarantee that you are planning on keeping your visit.

Parking at Heart & Soul

You can park in our lot (facing our building) or in the US Bank lot (ONLY spaces facing Killingsworth). Please do not park anywhere else in the US Bank lot. Thank you!

Dropping off your Pet

To reduce wait times at the clinic, we are now offering scheduled arrival times throughout the day to accommodate our high patient demand. This is not an appointment time. Patients will continue to be triaged in order of priority and may be required to wait an estimated 30-90 minutes before being brought inside.

  • Fecal Sample: If you pet is experiencing abnormal stool, please bring a fresh stool sample in case the doctor orders labs.
  • Note: For 7, 8 & 9am arrivals (or 10 & 11am Wednesday) arrivals:  Outside, to the left of our front door, there will be a sign-in clipboard for you to notify us you’ve arrived. You do NOT need to call to check-in.

Please remain in your car and call 503-749-9400 (option 1) to notify us you have arrived for check-in.

Once your pet is inside, unless indicated, you do not need to stay in the parking lot. Your pet will be dropped off here for an estimated 3-7 hours but this time can fluctuate depending on our number of cases and treatment times.

Treatment and Updated Deposits:

We will not move forward with any diagnostics, treatments or medications without your approval. After performing the exam, the doctor will call you to discuss treatment options. Please have your phone available for the doctor to contact you. If the doctor is unable to reach you after the exam, it could delay your pet’s treatment by several hours. Note, some of our phone lines may not register on caller ID so may show up as a filtered or spam call. After you approved the treatment plan, we will send a request for an updated deposit to cover the treatments or diagnostics you have elected to have performed. The expectation is for this deposit to be paid prior to treatments.

Picking up your Pet and Checking Out

We will schedule a discharge time for your pet, however you may be required to wait an estimated 30-60 minutes before your pet is brought outside.

Please remain in your car and call 503-749-9400 (option 1) to notify us you have arrived for discharge.

If you have a remaining balance, we will send a request for a final payment to be completed prior to discharge.