General scheduling: length, cost, drop-off

Can my pet wait in the parking lot with me until the doctor is ready?

Our doctors are working with multiple patients throughout the day. They are performing exams, treatments and procedures as well as speaking about care plans with owners and writing medical charts. This means, there may be a gap between your pet’s exam and treatments but that we still need your pet in the building with us for when the doctor is ready. While your pet waits, we make sure they have cozy blankets, water, potty breaks and plenty of snuggles.

Will my pet have to stay overnight?

We do not have overnight hospital staff so we treat and discharge scheduled patients before leaving for the night. The doctor will let you know when to return for pick-up.

You were already booked when I called. How can I schedule with you?

Due to the high demand for veterinary care and shortage of care providers, our daily schedule fills up very quickly. Although we would like to provide care to every pet, once our schedule is full we have to refer callers to other facilities. We suggest calling when we open in the morning for the best chance of booking a visit.

Do you take walk-ins?

We are unfortunately unable to take walk-in appointments at this time. View our Visit Process page  for more information on our process or give us a call at 503.749.9400 to schedule an appointment.

If I haven’t scheduled a pick-up time, should I just arrive for discharge at 9pm?

Please wait for a doctor to call you and set your pick-up time before you return. We strive to have all patients discharged by 9pm, however, on occasion, your pick-up time may be a bit later. We appreciate your patience. 

My pet gets anxious – should I give them medication before our visit?

If your regular veterinarian has prescribed medication to administer before veterinary visits, please let us know at the time of booking. 

Am I allowed inside of the building with my pet?

Our tiny building consists of our reception area and our treatment floor. We do not have a lobby or exam rooms so are unable to allow clients inside with their pets. Our doctors and technicians are experienced in providing care for pets with many different personalities but we understand that a drop-off does not work well for every patient or every parent. If you’d prefer a hospital where you can go inside, we recommend contacting hospitals on our 24-Hour ERs list for more information.

Do you schedule vaccines or wellness care?

We currently only offer services for ill and injured patients. Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule pets for wellness or routine care. This includes vaccines, flea prevention, nail trims, anal gland expressions etc.  We realize how hard it is to find care. You may be able to find same day wellness care at one of the clinics on this list of Same-Day Walk-in Clinics. Please call in advance to inquire.

General vet care

Why is it so difficult to find care for my pet?

In short, the resignation of many veterinary providers and the increase of pet owners that coincided during the pandemic has created a care crisis in the Portland area and the US. The shortage of veterinary staff can often mean an increase in wait times for owners and their pets, especially for pets that are more stable. We suggest calling through the ERs in our Resources section if you are not able to get seen by us.

Re-checks and Rx Refills

Are you able to fill my prescription if I have never been to Heart & Soul?

How do suture removals work?

Can I bring my pet in back for a recheck appointment?

Are you able to refill prescriptions?

Please call our office at 503-749-9400 (option 2) to leave a voicemail for a prescription request. A doctor will review whether or not we are able to authorize a refill. We are unable to authorize prescription refills for preventative medications or patients we have not examined.


Am I able to pay with cash?

We accept cash payments. We require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to reserve your drop-off time. If you would like to pay your deposit in cash, we require the cash payment be made within one hour of booking to continue holding your appointment.

What are my options if I need financial assistance?

We accept CareCredit and ScratchPay. You can learn more about these options on our Financial Assistance page. We do not offer any payment plans through our clinic.

How much will my visit cost?

We are unable to offer price quotes over the phone before your visit. Once your pet is examined, the doctor will call to go over treatment recommendations and costs for care tailored to your pet. We will not proceed with any diagnostics or treatments without your consent.

Types of Visits

Do you provide end of life care?

We understand that having to say goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult decisions we face as pet owners. Our doctors are experienced with compassionately helping guide owners through this process. We are able to schedule quality of life assessment exams as well as euthanasia appointments. Although our visits are usually drop-off only, we do allow clients inside to be with their pet for euthanasia visits. At this time, we are requesting any clients in the building wear a mask. 

Are you able to perform surgery?

Please refer to our Services page for a list of urgent cases we commonly see and services that we do not offer. We are unable to perform emergency abdominal surgeries, routine spays and neuters or dental procedures.

Are you able to see pets who are coughing or sneezing?

We are currently unable to schedule pets that may have infectious respiratory illnesses. Signs may include coughing, sneezing or nasal discharge. Whereas many clinics have designated isolation areas or exam rooms, we do not have sufficient space in our building to house potentially contagious pets. We are happy to talk through your concerns for your pet to determine whether we can schedule you. If we are unable to schedule your pet, we suggest calling through our list of Same-Day Walk-in Clinics.